Core Values


The company believes that shared corporate values are crucial in the realization of its corporate mission and the attainment of its corporate objectives. It therefore seeks to impart upon its employees the following values:


The practice of making the customer’s one’s priority. The emphasis is on achieving customer satisfaction, such that a healthy business relationship is sustained between the two parties. These two parties are – the external customer and the employee, representing the company, or, the internal customer and the employee.


Stewardship is the present and future use, care and management of the company’s resources. This is done so as to provide a sense of stability and strength to the company as it continues to grow and expand. In doing so, something of value is created and nurtured so as to benefit the whole company and its work force.


It is a way of treating each member of the organization, his time, and his resources with an understanding that these are important, serious, and should be treated in an appropriate way. This is done to uphold the person’s dignity, self-worth and pride.


A team exists when individual strengths and skills are combined with teamwork, in the pursuit of a common direction or cause, in order to produce meaningful results for the team members and the organization. A team combines individual strengths with a shared commitment to performance. It’s not just about getting on well together.


The quality of being honest and fair, honesty being good and truthful in all dealings with regards the company and its individual employees, customers and suppliers. This pertains to not lying, cheating or stealing. This can mean also not hiding the truth about someone or something, or not manifesting behaviors meant to deceive someone.


The act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, and methods that is valuable to the company’s growth.

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