Primero Pro Cementitious Crystallization

is a specially formulated cement mix that can continuously form micro crystals inside your concrete structure when constantly exposed to water.

The micro crystals formed by Primero Pro C200 grow through small pores of your concrete
structure giving it the capability to block water from entering your structure; it can withstand positive and negative water pressure up to 100 PSI while making your structure stronger
than it would originally be. The crystal can grow up to 1mm thick, this repair micro crack up to 1mm thick and prevent fungus growth.

It is recommended for Water Tanks, Swimming pools, Retaining walls,
Concrete Slab, Foundation & Basement, Fishpond, Sewage Tank, Tunnels,
Underground shaft, Water Treatment Structures, Reservoirs, Lift Pits.

5 kg.
5kg / 6.75 sqm. single coat / 3.4 sqm. 2 coats


Once the angle fillet is dry, moisten the substrate where the
Primero Pro C200 Crystallization Cementitious Waterproofing
will be applied. To ensure that there is sufficient bond to the
concrete; application must take place shortly right after making
the mixture. Make sure to apply at least 0.75mm thick of the mixture
using a thick bristle brush (tampico brush). When first coat
begins to dry, apply second coat in perpendicular direction.

Let it dry for one day, and then make sure to dampen the surface
twice a day for 8 days. During rainy season, dampening the
surface twice everyday may be reduced to 5 days only.


Mix 5kg (2.5 parts) of Primero Pro C200 Crystallization
Cementitious Waterproofing to 2.2 L (1 part) of
water for at least 3 minutes by using a slow stirrer until the
solution becomes a flowable thick consistency slurry.

Note: Make sure to use and apply the mixed solution
within 25 minutes, after which the solution will start to
thicken and lose its workability. Never add extra water to
restore the consistency and workability.


Ensure that all the concrete surfaces are hosed down with
water, as moisture must be present in the capillaries prior to
the application of Pro C200 Crystallization Cementitious Waterproofing.


Keep dry. Keep away from direct sunlight. Avoid
areas with high moisture levels.