PYE WATER-LOCK is an Acrylic Based Masonry Waterproofer  which is used to solve water seepage problems. It is specially formulated to waterproof interior, exterior, below grade masonry walls, cinder and concrete blocks, stucco and brick, retaining walls, basement walls and foundations.

PYE WATER-LOCK has been tested under GB/T 23445 Hydrostatic Negative Pressure standard. Applied PYE WATER-LOCK is paintable over with good quality acrylic paint.


Suitable for:

  • Masonry Walls
  • Cinder and Concrete Blocks
  • Stucco and Brick
  • Retaining and Basement Walls
  • Foundations


4KG, 1.5KG

Directions for Use:

Surface Preparation
Substrate must be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease, oil and paint. Patch evenly all holes or cracks and floor/wall joints with PYE AQUA PLUG or fast setting hydraulic cement. Affected painted water-mark area must be removed by scrapping off or by using PYE STRIPPER M.

The waterproofing performance of PYE WATER-LOCK is highly effective for unpainted surfaces. Not recommended for use on horizontal surface which are subject to foot traffic.

Stir thoroughly before and during application. Do not thin. Paint only when air and surface is at room temperature or higher. Apply PYE WATER-LOCK directly on bare masonry. Apply first coat with brush or good quality nylon bristle brush in order for PYE WATER-LOCK to penetrate into the pores of the masonry. Allow to dry 3 hours between coats. The second coat may be applied by brush or roller. 2 coats are sufficient depending on porosity of the surface/substrate.