RJ ROOF SEALER is a high quality acrylic emulsion waterproof coating with excellent elasticity to protect surfaces from cracking, leaking, fungus and other surfaces deterioration. It provides long term durability protection and resistance against weather, ultra-violet rays and chemicals.

RJ Roof Sealer is a waterproof coating and sealing paint suitable for new and old concrete walls or surfaces, roofs, tiles, asbestos cement, zinc plate and wood.

Can also be use on the following applications:

  1. Fire walls, gutters, concrete decks
  2. Downspouts, P traps
  3. Seals PVC pipes
  4. Waterproofs bathroom
  5. Seals aluminum vans
  6. Repairs Roof holes.


  • Ready to use
  • Has good adhesion
  • Fast drying
  • Silky smooth finish
  • No need to use primer
  • Use directly on concrete even without primer
  • Water based
  • Pleasant smell
  • Resistant to fungus
  • Tintable latex based tinting color

Direction of Use:

  1. Ensure the surfaces is clean, dry, free of dust dirt, oil, fungus or any other contamination.
  2. Apply the 1st coating of RJ Roofsleaer using brush or roller. When using roller, you can add water to thin the emulsion as required and stir the emulsion thoroughly to make sure it is well diluted.
  3. Leave it dry for about 1 hour then apply the 2nd coating. For best results, apply the 3rd coating after 2 hours to seal perfectly.
    – For filling cracks/holes (wider than 20mm), use 1 part of Roofsealer with 1-2 parts of sand or cement. Do not add water for best results.
    – For critical cracks or joints (not wider than 5-20mm), it is recommended to bridge them over with fiber glass, polyester cloth after the first layer, and apply heavier coat for the second layer.

Application : Brush, Roller, Spray
Dilution: Water.

Drying time at 25°C
Hard dry:       12 hours
Touch dry:     20 minutes
    Recoat:           after 1 hour