SAFETY F1RST Electric Scissor Jack

Safety First Electric Scissor Jack is electrically powered to lift small to medium vehicles and AUVs up to 35 cm. It can be plugged into cigarette lighter or with the optional battery clamp accessory.


Ideal for all small to medium sized cars like sedans and AUV’s.


  • 12V lighter powered or direct from battery ( adapter included)
  • 4 meter power cord
  • 100 watts electric power
  • Lifts vehicles in less than 2 minutes.
  • Easy controls for lifting and descent.




2 tons


Stored in the temperature from -20°C to 70°C with humidity less than 70%. The storage place should avoid severe collision and water damaged.

Please follow the OPERATION MANUAL strictly.

  1. Park the braked car on smooth and solid ground.
  2. Please put a block before the tire to avoid car movement.
  3. Insert the plug of the electric jack into the car lighter jack.
  4. Start the engine of the car.
  5. The saddle of the electric jack should be placed against the right bottom of the car and the electric jack should be put on smooth/solid ground.
  6. Press “” on the switchboard and confirm that the saddle is connected with the right bottom position of the car. Press “” continuously until the car is jacked to an ideal height.
  7. Press the “” on the switchboard to lower the car completely after repairing.
  8. Press the “” on the switchboard to adjust the position of the electric jack when the saddle is not reachable on the right bottom position of the car.
  9. Clean the electric jack and put it back to the box.